Press Release on the Population Development of the Arnstorf Community

The population figures of the statistical evaluation of 31 December 2000 for the Bavarian communities, Rottal-Inn County, show population of 6,492 for the Arnstorf community. But what did this development look like in the past? I.e. what was the population development like during the past 100 years, or even during the past 10 years?
These questions are answered by the documents maintained at the County Council Office. According to the population figure updates, 1,414 residents had registered their principal place of residence in Arnstorf as of December 31st, 1900. Things progressed steadily from there. In 1939, a total of 1,696 permanent residents were counted. After that entry, the records show a gap lasting until December 31st, 1946. At that point, the statistical data indicate a population of 2,611. This major population surge by 915 persons, or 53.95%, is mostly due to the fact that many displaced persons and refugees found a new home on Arnstorf after the war. The next major surge was brought about by the local government reform in 1972 when the communities of Jägerndorf, Hainberg, Mitterhausen and Ruppertskirchen as well as parts of Unterhöft were joined to the Arnstorf community. As of December 31st, 1972, the records show a population of 4,701, equalling an 80.95% increase. After that, figures remained static and even retrograded by approx. 130 residents until 1978.
By May 1st, 1978, the local government reform was complete. At that time, the communities of Mariakirchen, Sattlern and Kohlsdorf had also joined. For that reason, the statistical data for December 31st, 1978, indicate a total of 5,315 residents for the Arnstorf community area, which had by that time increased to a total surface of 80 square kilometres. This figure corresponds to an increase by 736 residents over 1977’s figure, or in other words, another increase of 16.07 points. From that point onward, things have been going steeply uphill. According to the “1987 Census”, an actual value of 5,575 was recorded on June 30th, 1988.
Now let’s have a look at the past ten years. As of December 31st, 1990, the number of people with their main residence in the community area had risen to 5,842. The magical barrier of 6,000 was finally broken by December 31st, 1992, when the population had risen to 6,006. The population currently registered today is 6,492 (as of December 31st, 2000). Comparison of this figure with the figure of 10 years ago indicates a population increase by 650 residents, or 11.13 per cent. According to the figures of the County Council Office, the actual number of residents as of October 11th, 2001 was 6,565.This continuous population increase infers a number of conclusions. The main reasons for this development is the continuous provision of developed sites for building and the ensuing increase of residential buildings, as well as the outstanding economic development and the ensuing job opportunities, combined with the general trend towards living in rural areas.
As of June 30th, 2007, the Arnstorf community has a total of 6,634 residents.