Investing in Arnstorf as a Business Location

1. Location
Arnstorf is the commercial centre of southern Lower Bavaria. The community is favourably situated at the intersection of two state roads and right next to state road B20 which takes you to the A92 Munich-Passau motorway in a mere 20 minutes. The commercial airport in Eggenfelden is only 25 kilometres away. A trip to Munich airport takes less than an hour.
2. Structure
Arnstorf has a population of approx. 6,700. With a growth rate of over 10%, the tendency over the past 10 years indicates a satisfying increase. More than 300 business enterprises are registered. Half of these enterprises fall under the handicrafts sector or the handicrafts-related sector. There are some 4,000 jobs in Arnstorf, and 2,500 people commute to their workplace in Arnstorf every day. The largest enterprise is Lindner AG with roughly 3,000 jobs. Arnstorf is also an attractive shopping location and home to many butcher’s shops, bakeries, discounters and full-range retailers on the food sector, as well as specialist retailers for clothing, shoes, optics, jewellery, videos, etc. The clothing company Montana/Betty Barclay has its own outlet in an attractive store and holds regular special sales. Arnstorf’s advertising association organises joint marketing activities and events like shopping on Sundays and markets.
3. Industrial parks
Industrial park Lehmhäuserstrasse in Arnstorf
In Arnstorf, many of the now successful companies started out as small handicraft enterprises, like Lindner, Schuhbauer, Pröckl, Bauer, Stegmüller and many more. These companies developed positively, expanded, and reached their current size in one of the community’s industrial parks.
Another industrial park is in Lehmhäuserstrasse where young and small companies have the opportunity to acquire a professional and economic image at a reasonable price. For further information please go to
The Arnstorf community makes it a priority to offer commercial zones and mixed-use zones at comparatively low prices. There are currently community-owned, fully developed plots in the Hainberg industrial park available for a price of approx. 40 Euros per square metre.
4. Service
The community conducts regular business discussions to foster the exchange of information between banks, businesses and companies on the one hand and the market administration on the other, and to work out project solutions. The community supports companies in building matters and grant application issues. Founders of new businesses may obtain independent counselling from the Hans Lindner Institute. The communities association XperRegio has in the meantime grown to 21 communities plus the Rottal-Inn County. The regional management, which will from now on act on behalf of XperRegio GmbH, serves as a first contact point for founders of new businesses as well as for innovative ideas. Information on XperRegio is available under
The Arnstorf community also offers free-of-charge presentations of the local enterprises on its website, with a basic entry and the opportunity of redirection links to the respective company websites.


Surface of the community area
Surface of the community area: 8,048 hectares
Population as of 2005: 6,948
Population density: 86 residents/km2
Surfaces classified by types of use (2,000 in hectares)
Total surface: 8,048 hectares
Building area and open surface: 297 hectares
Agricultural surface: 5,213 hectares
Forest: 2,245 hectares
Water surface: 34 hectares
Traffic area: 217 hectares
Recreational surface: 11 hectares
Surfaces used for other purposes: 31 hectares
Age structure (January 2004) Number Male Female
0 - 3 years of age 233 111 122
4 - 6 years of age 244 144 100
7 - 15 years of age 641 332 309
16 - 18 years of age 219 103 116
19 - 65 years of age 4,359 2,396 1,963
66 years of age and older 1,205 415 790
Demographic development:
Year 1871 1925 1939 1950 1970 1987 1993 2000 2003 2004 2005
Population 3,999 4,870 4,674 6,253 5,286 5,579 6,128 6,492 6,901 6,888 6,948
Unemployed persons and unemployment rates:
Markt Arnstorf Markt Arnstorf County Rottal-Inn
Year Unemployed Persons Unemployment Rates
2001 143 6.0
2002 176 7.3
2003 162 6.9
2004 178 5.9
2005 217 6.0
2006 193 4.9
Employees subject to social insurance contributions – residence principle
(Employed persons living within the community)
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
2189 2245 2252 2360 2443 2332 2416 2463
Employees subject to social insurance contributions – place-of-work principle
(Employed persons working within the community)
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
3893 4052 4029 3885 3783 3676 3658 3668

Purchasing power and economic structure

Purchasing power (purchasing power indices per resident according to GFK (one of the world’s largest marketing research companies)
1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
93.8 93.9 96.2 94.5 95.2 92.8 92.8
Purchasing power 2003
Purchasing power (in million Euros) 102.7
Purchasing power per capita 15,698

Number of enterprises

Handicrafts enterprises
Enterprises 114
Persons employed 2,272
Manufacturing businesses, service businesses, trade
Enterprises 113
Beschäftigte 3,526
Commercial accommodation facilities 4
Number of beds 83
Number of overnight stays in 1998: 2,757
Number of overnight stays in 2001: 5,270
Number of overnight stays in 2002: 3,312
Number of overnight stays in 2004: 3,549
Number of agricultural and forestry businesses 203
whereof businesses with cropland / agricultural areas in use
under 5 hectares: 28
5 to 30 hectares: 120
30 and more hectares: 55

Road development

via B 20 to A 92 Munich/Passau (approx. 20 km)
local public transport
Cycling and hiking trails, “Bockerlbahn” old railway cycling trail
For building plots, please refer to Commerce: Industrial and commercial real estate
Further information on the Arnstorf commerce location is available from the
Arnstorf community, Mayor Alfons Sittinger
Tel.: 08723-9610-11

Real estate taxes and trade taxes lowered – lowest rate in all of Lower Bavaria

With the budget for 2007, the collection rates for real estate taxes and trade taxes were lowered by 15% each. At a current collection rate of 295 per cent, companies in Arnstorf now pay the lowest percentage of trade taxes anywhere. The average trade tax collection rate for the Rottal-Inn County is currently 338 per cent. The average collection rate of all county-affiliated communities and county-independent towns in Bavaria Bayern is currently 370 per cent. Even in terms of real estate tax A and B at 325 per cent each, property owners pay relatively low tax rates. The average values for the Rottal-Inn County are between 360 and 329 per cent, and for the rest of Bavaria, between 332 and 345 per cent. Thanks to this reduction, Arnstorf’s property owners and entrepreneurs save some 160,000 Euros every year. This tax relief was made possible thanks to break-even point achieved for the sewage and water fees.