The Arnstorf Music Institute

The Arnstorf Music Institute is an institution of the Arnstorf community and was founded in 1998.
It is affiliated with the Culture Department.
The Arnstorf Music Institute offers Early Music Education for children 4 to 6 years of age, as well as the Children’s and Youth Choir for children and adolescents 6 to 16 years of age, and classes in musical instruments for children, adolescents and adults.
The teaching units are held by board-certified music teachers and freelance teachers. The classes are held at the Kindergarten facilities and in the music rooms of the elementary school.

The main goal of early Music Education and the Children’s and Youth Choir is to encourage and facilitate individual expressiveness. This concept is not performance and success oriented, but focuses on the pleasure of singing and making music together with others.

Early Music Education

The early and well-targeted early development of children can be an important tool for helping children create meaningful lives as adults. Early Music Education involves the development of children between 4 years and school entrance age in themes and motifs commensurate with the children’s level of experience and imagination. It is the goal of Early Music Education to create the basis for singing and playing musical instruments. The teaching contents comprise the following areas: speaking, singing, ear training, rhythmics, elementary playing of instruments, didactic games, visual arts, dance, science of sound and musical instruments, and musical theory and performance with introduction to notation.

Early Music Education is open to all children who have reached their 4th birthday by the start of the course. Special talents are not required. To ensure that all children receive optimum attention, the maximum number of children has been limited to 12 per group. Early Music Education comprises two years. Stanislava Klinzing will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


Instrumental classes

For children of Kindergarten age
Having attended Early Music Education makes studying a musical instrument so much easier. With the children’s help, the right instrument respecting individual affinity and talent is selected.

For children, adolescents and adults
Making music is fun and can be started at any age. No-one is ever too young or too old! We currently offer classes for the following instruments:

Children’s and Youth Choir

The Children’s and Youth Choir was founded on the fifth anniversary of the Arnstorf Music Institute.
All children and adolescents between 6 and 16 years of age are cordially invited to join us in singing.
Whether it’s classical, modern or rhythmical songs – we sing anything that’s fun!

When and where
Every Thursday between 15 and 16 hrs in the music room of the Arnstorf Elementary School.
Further information is available directly from Choirmaster Lukas Klinzing.


Cultural Department
Karl Heinz Duschl
Telephone 08723 / 96 10-18

Early Music Education
Leadership: Stanislava Klinzing

Arnstorf Music Institute
Leadership: Stanislava Klinzing

Children’s and Youth Choir
Leadership: Lukas Klinzing

Brass Band and Georgsbläser band
Leadership: Roland Hofbauer

Certified music teachers and freelance teachers

Stanislava Klinzing, Telephone 08549 / 97 34 48
Board-certified music teacher for piano, viola, violin and recorder

Hans-Jürgen Maier, Telephone 08535 / 6 688
Board-certified music teacher for guitar

Christa Kaniber, Telephone 08721 / 84 28
Freelance teacher for trumpet

Roland Hofbauer, Telephone 08723 / 5 24
Freelance teacher for wind instruments

Lukas Klinzing, Telephone 08549 / 97 34 48
Freelance teacher for piano and jazz piano