Arnstorf Amenity Site

Eck 1, 94424 Arnstorf
Opening Hours:
Wednesdays, 14:00 – 18:00 hrs
Fridays, 14:00 – 18:00 hrs
Saturdays, 09:00 – 12:00 hrs

Disposal counselling:
Theresia Mitterbauer
Alois Harbaintner
Franz Kroiß
Recoverables are strictly sorted to ensure proper recycling.

We are currently using the services of
AVE Recycling GmbH
Lauterbachstr. 60
84307 Eggenfelden
Tel.: 08721-12 43 57, Fax: 08721-12 43 59
for the emptying, registration, change of registration and deregistration of residual waste bins, organic waste bins, and paper dumpsters. All residual waste, organic waste and paper containers must be ready for emptying at 05:00 a.m. at the usual pick-up place!

Click here to download the current waste pick-up schedule:
Arnstorf Waste Pick-up Schedule 2009

Collection of problematic waste:
The current dates for problematic waste collection are available for downloading under
Bulky refuse and scrap lumber disposal:
Bulky refuse and scrap lumber can be disposed of in the following ways:
Energetic recycling:
Energetically recyclable bulky refuse such as mattresses, carpets, plastic garden furniture etc. can be dropped off at the Marklkofen and Huldsessen waste transfer stations against the currently valid price per tonne.
Bulky refuse collection:
Bulky refuse will also be picked up by the competent haulage company, ABE Recycling, after registration via telephone. In addition to the disposal fee, ABE Recycling will also charge a transport flat rate of €25.00 plus VAT.
Used furniture exchanges:
Well preserved furniture and household effects will be picked up free-of-charge by the two used furniture exchanges in Reisbach, Tel. 08734-4052, and Hebertsfelden, Tel. 08721-95868.

Abfallwirtschaftsverband (waste management association) Isar - Inn
Karl-Rolle-Str. 43
84307 Eggenfelden
Tel. 08721/9612-0
Fax: 08721/3509