Three-River-City Passau („Old Town and Three River Conjunction Point”)

Excursion sites and tourist attractions: the Veste Oberhaus fortress; the Three River Conjunction Point at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers; St. Stephan’s Cathedral housing the world’s biggest cathedral organ; the Bishop’s Residence with Diocesan and Cathedral Treasury Museum.

Gäuboden Folk Festival City Straubing

Excursion sites and tourist attractions: the Ducal Castle with Knight’s Hall; St. Jacob’s Gothic Basilica; the baroquised Carmelite Church and Cloister; the Ursuline Convent Church designed by the Asam brothers; the Zoo.

Pilgrimage Town Altötting

Excursion sites and tourist attractions: the Collegiate Church with Treasure Chamber; the Pilgrimage Chapel with Marian Shrine; St. Anna’s Basilica; Frater Conradus Church.


Excursion sites and tourist attractions: Europe’s longest fortress complex (1,043 metres long); the historical Old Town.


Excursion sites and tourist attractions: the historical Old Town; St. Martin’s Church featuring the world’s highest brick tower (131 metres); Trausnitz Fortress; the Municipal Residence.

The State Capital Munich

Excursion sites and tourist attractions: the Church of our Lady; Marienplatz Central Square; the Olympic Park; the English Garden, ...


Excursion sites and tourist attractions: Salzburg Cathedral; the Mozart Square; the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; the Imperial Residence; Hellabrunn Castle.

The Bavarian Forest

The delightful spot surrounded by the River Danube, the Bohemian Forest and the Austrian frontier is home to some 6,000 square kilometres of forest, making it the largest forest landscape in all of Central Europe. This area features countless hiking trails, the Bavarian Forest National Park, and numerous traditional glass manufactories.

Lake Chiemsee

All around the "Bavarian Sea" there are countless leisure activities to enjoy (e.g. swimming, rowing, surfing, sailing, mountain hiking, skiing) and numerous excursion sites and tourist attractions to discover (e.g. Herrenchiemsee Royal Castle, Fraueninsel Island, Seeon Monastery).